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About John Russ AKA DJ Smooth

John Russ AKA DJ Smooth was born on October 18th, 1975, in Wilmington NC to a teenage mother.  At birth John weigh 3 pounds one ounce, he was also born with CP (Cerebral Palsy), a neurological disability that effects the central nervous system.  This causes John to be confined to a wheelchair.  John and his mom lived with his grandmother the first half of his life; they were very poor. As you might imagine this made life a little rough, but though it all John never allowed life or his disability to stop his from reaching his goals.  Every goal he set; john not only achieved it but surpassed it

In 2002 Based in his love for music and making people happy. DJ Smooth Entertainment was created.   DJ Smooth entertainment is a mobile DJ company that travels all over NC providing music and entertainment to a variety of events.  John has been successful at maintaining a DJ gig at a local club where he lives in Wilmington called “The Dive” DJ Smooth has been the only known DJ with a disability to work there, he as worked there for seven years.   DJ Smooth has also created two events for people with disabilities in his community, one event is held at the Moose Lodge every third Tuesday and the other one is every Thursday at the local bowling alley.  At every event DJ Smooth believes “making it your moment your day and your time.”


John Russ 

DJ Smooth

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